You may know Scott Chantler through his graphic novel Two Generals which was nominated for a 2011 Will Eisner Comic Industry Award. Chantler is the author of the graphic novel series Three Thieves Book One in the series is Tower of Treasure. It won the Joe Shuster Award, 2011 for the Best Comics for Kids category.Tower of Treasure features acrobat 14-year-old Dessa, Topper, a juggler and strongman Fisk, performers with a traveling circus. When the group arrives in Kingsbridge, Topper sees an opportunity to solidify his reputation as the greatest thief in the land by cooking up a plan to rob the Queen. All the land’s gold is stored in the highest tower and rumour has it that it is protected by a dragon.

The sub-plot of the story is Dessa’s search for her missing twin brother who was kidnapped by a mysterious man when they were just small children. She thinks she may have recognized Maarten Greyfalcon, one of the Queen’s men, as the man who snatched her brother. The thieves break in to the tower, are caught, put in prison, and manage to escape but not before Dessa searches Greyfalcon’s rooms looking for information about her brother. It was a very busy night. The Queen’s Captain is sent out after the escapees and told not to come back unless it’s with their heads.

Great story. It has castles, a travelling circus, gold, dragons and a strong female lead. Awesome. Chantler, who lives in nearby Kitchener, Ont., wrote and illustrated this book and there are at least two more on the way. Pick it up for yourself or give it to your favourite kid under 14 years of age. I’m looking forward to keeping up with the adventure in Book Two The Sign of the Black Rock, which just came out in September, 2011.

Three Thieves Book One Tower of Treasure, Kids Can Press, Toronto ISBN 978-1-55453-415-9 (pbk.)