The *second book in the Three Thieves series The Sign of the Black Rock continues the adventure as our three heros widen their search for Greyfalcon and hopefully, Dessa’s brother.
Dessa, Topper and Fisk spend the night taking shelter in a village inn to escape a terrible storm only to come uncomfortably close to Captain Drake their pursuer. The smarmy innkeeper Mortimer Grig, captures the trio, and plots to get as much reward money for them as he can before the Queen’s Dragons, lead by Captain Drake, can uncover his wine smuggling operation. The ill-treated wife of Grig, Eudora, discovers she and Dessa have an unusual connection and lends a hand in their escape.

Scott Chantler’s drawings and colouring in the story are vivid and playful.

“I’m more content with the second book than the first,” Chantler said on his website. I am too. I agree this story is complete in itself yet keeps you interested enough to see where the friends end up next. It’s so well done you will be drawn in by the first page and won’t stir until you reach the last.

Three Thieves Book Two The Sign of the Black Rock. Scott Chantler. Kids Can Press. Toronto ISBN978-1-55453-416-6

*Three Thieves Book One Tower of Treasure reviewed Oct. 27, 2011.