Books I read are generally fiction, in fact I love nothing more than a big fat “made up” novel. The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary: A Story of Resilience and Recovery is not that. It is the 2012 winner of the Charles Taylor Literary Non-Fiction Award and deservedly so. Andrew Westoll’s writing draws the reader in on page one and the book is  impossible to put down after that.

As the title states, the book is about a chimpanzee sanctuary located in Quebec where retired laboratory chimps are taken, looked after, and given a place to recover and learn to trust humans again. Westoll volunteers at the sanctuary for three months and writes about his experience. It is hearbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. If you have never give non-fiction a chance this is the book to start with. Westoll is a fantastic writer and I hope to see more from him.

Published by HarperCollins