Hattie has just been dumped by her boyfriend in Paris when she gets a call from her upset 11-year-old niece, something about her mother, Hattie’s sister, acting crazy again. Hattle jumps the first plane home to Canada to find her sister is on her way to a psych hospital and noone but her are around to look after her sister Min’s two kids. Not really knowing what to do, Hattie takes the kids, and decides to go on a road trip to find Logan and Thebes father who left years ago. Driving around with two kids, when you know nothing about kids and one of them is 15, (that’s Logan) is not the easiest task. The kids are a bit messed up, having had to deal with their mother’s on and off again illness. Thebes is a kooky kid but really, really loveable. Logan, it’s hard to tell, well because he is a quiet teenager.

Toews is a great storyteller. She knows how to balance responsibility, family guilt and personal choice without any judgement. This 274 page book was a quick read and in spite of that, I wish it had taken longer to read.